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Our range of seeds is a testament to our commitment to nutrition and taste.

Sunflower Seeds - High Oleic, Linoleic, Jumbo, XXL: Elevate your wholesale offerings with our premium sunflower seeds in various types.

Sunflower Kernels - Bakery, Confection, Chips: Bulk sunflower kernels for your wholesale bakery, confectionery, and snack production needs.

Pumpkin Seeds: Bulk, nutritious pumpkin seeds perfect for your wholesale product lines.

Soybeans: Reliable wholesale source of protein-packed soybeans for large-scale production.

Yellow Flaxseeds and Brown Flaxseeds: Bulk flaxseeds for your wholesale bakery, cereal, and health food applications.

Natural Sesame Seeds and Roasted Sesame Seeds: High-quality wholesale sesame seeds for versatile culinary and manufacturing needs.

Safflower Seeds: Wholesale safflower seeds for oil extraction and ingredient sourcing.

Blue Poppy Seeds: Distinctive blue poppy seeds for wholesale bakeries, restaurants, and food manufacturers.

Mustard Seeds: Wholesale mustard seeds for condiments, spice blends, and pickling.

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