Production and Processing Facility

At the heart of is our brand-new, state-of-the-art production and processing facility. This is where our commitment to quality and excellence becomes a reality.


As Djanit we do not only procure the products you want, but also prepare them for you. At our high-technology facilities, we present cleaning, dehulling, sifting, breaking, sortex sorting, and length separation of pulses and oilseeds.

Seed Cleaning, Calibrating, and Sortex Sorting Facility (Bulgaria)
Seed Cleaning, Calibrating, and Sortex Sorting Facility (Turkey)
Dehulling Facility for Sunflower Kernels (Bulgaria)
Oilseed Crushing Facilities (Bulgaria, Turkey)

Customized Packing Solutions

At, we understand that different products require different packaging solutions. That's why we offer contracted services for various packing types to meet your specific needs. Whether you require bulk packaging or custom packaging tailored to your brand, we've got you covered.

Certified Excellence






Innovative Technology

The processing facility utilizes the latest technology in the industry, ensuring efficient and effective procedures in all stages of production, from sorting and cleaning to packaging. Our advanced machinery allows us to process large volumes of products while maintaining optimal quality and nutritional value.

Our cutting-edge facility is more than just a point of pride for us; it's a promise to our partners of consistent quality, safety, and sustainability. At, we go beyond the expected to bring you the best in nuts, dry fruits, seeds, and pulses.

Product Safety
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