The Foundation of Your Food and Feed Products: Premium Grains for Wholesale and Manufacturing


Our carefully selected grains are the cornerstone of a wide range of products, from pasta and flour to animal feed and snacks.

Milling Wheat: Elevate your wholesale offerings with high-quality milling wheat. Ideal for flour production and large-scale processing.

Durum Wheat: Bulk durum wheat for your wholesale needs. A preferred choice for pasta and semolina production.

Feed Wheat: Reliable source of bulk feed wheat for your wholesale requirements. Perfect for animal feed production.

Barley: Bulk barley grains for your wholesale product lines. A versatile and nutritious addition to your offerings.

Corn: Bulk corn for your wholesale needs. An essential ingredient for a wide range of food and feed products.

Popcorn: Wholesale popcorn kernels for your business. Ideal for popcorn production and snack manufacturing.

Yellow Millet, Red Millet, White Millet: A variety of millet options available in bulk for your wholesale requirements. Versatile and nutritious ingredients for your product range.

Hulled Yellow Millet and Hulled Red Millet: High-quality hulled millet options for your wholesale business. Ideal for various culinary applications and ingredient sourcing.

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